Like our menu, our location changes regularly. Visiting our Facebook: or Twitter: page is the best way to find us. We could make you go on a scavenger hunt or figure out some clues, but life is complicated enough. We want making your way to ROLL MKE to be simple. 



ROLL MKE was brought to fruition by an average guy with a not-so-average passion for food. Some people dream of being astronauts or firefighters, but luckily, this man had a vision of his own. It involved bringing high quality, handcrafted food to the street. Specifically, the streets of Milwaukee. No matter who you are or what you do, ROLL MKE is here to satisfy your hunger.  

Our Mission

At ROLL MKE, it is our job, and our honor, to bring you the best sandwiches. We want our food to be like the people in this great Milwaukee community – second to none. Refusing to settle for anything less than the highest quality products and the most flavorful ingredients, we aim to leave you with satisfaction and a smile. Our food is served from a truck and made by hand specifically for your mouth. Sound good? Well, it tastes even better.