Like our menu, our location changes regularly. Visiting our Facebook: or Twitter: page is the best way to find us. We could make you go on a scavenger hunt or figure out some clues, but life is complicated enough. We want making your way to ROLL MKE to be simple. 

Our Food Philosophy

Farm to table is old news. Nowadays, everyone is talking about truck to mouth.

The one thing you can expect to find on our menu is the unexpected; we like to change our sandwiches on a regular basis. We’re shopping, creating and prepping daily to ensure that everything is as fresh and flavorful as possible. It’s about utilizing ingredients that are at their peak of quality.  If we can’t get something that meets our standards, we’ll find something else that does.

Sure there will be favorites that make repeat appearances, but overall, ROLL MKE will keep your tastebuds on their toes.

There will always be a couple of familiar flavors; but with our unique twist, there will always be a couple of choices for the adventurous who are willing to try something new and there will always be some choice that I describe as “things your dad would order”…well maybe not my dad who eats nothing (sorry Jim), but maybe your dad.

And a note on fries…on this truck they ARE NOT just a side.  We take great pride in our fries and give them just as much attention as the sandwiches.  We don’t own a heat lamp.  We cook everything to order.  Our fries are double fried for crispness, seasoned with sea salt, and served immediately.  We’re confident you’ll think they’re as good as we do.

We’re trying, every day, to not just give you a great lunch but also to make you question: “how are they doing that from a truck?”