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Our Truck Transformation


Here’s the beast at the beginning.  I found it in Florida (of course- why should it be convenient?).  It’s old, pretty loud, and not much works, but it runs great (keep your fingers crossed) and it was just the right size.  Not to mention that since I’m poor that fact is was pretty cheap was certainly a plus….

Found my builder, decided on equipment, and away we go…

6 weeks later and we’re ready for delivery.  All equipment in place and installed the biggest window possible.


We’re getting there.  Still needs work but it’s a start.

I fly down to Fort Myers on Thursday night, luckily our friends Rhonda and Jess live there and picked me up from the airport at midnight and gave me a place to stay.

Friday morning I pickup and start driving…..yikes.  1400+ miles home.

All in all not a bad ride.  Truck especially loved the mountains in Tennessee.  Made it home Sunday morning and was freezing.  Let’s just say the old beast isn’t exactly “air tight” and it was about 40 degrees the last day.

I’m so smart I didn’t think too much about the fact the truck actually needed power….Found a great, quiet generator (Thanks Jason from Juiced!) and thanks to Eric Seelig for building the platform and for fixing the back door that I’ve had tied closed since Georgia.


Clara has a great idea to extend the design to the roof- a little note for everyone up in the offices.  Bad news is they can’t put the vinyl wrap on the roof.  So it’s agreed that Chad will have the roof painted and they can just add some individual graphics after.  Now go back to above about the part of me being poor and “having the roof painted” becomes “Chad paints the roof”.  Oh boy…

photo (10)

Couple of pretty impressive things to note on this picture:

1.) The plastic bag over the roof vent.  I destroyed to the top when the storage garage door came down on top of it.  This is my sweet solution until the $150 replacement gets here.  Nice.

2.) Giant gouge in the side.  Also managed to do that in the garage on the same day.  Luckily the wrap will cover all

3.) Stellar paint job of course.  Who doesn’t paint their car or truck themselves with a roller?  Also painting yourself into a corner on the roof of a ten foot tall truck is pretty fun.  Again the wrap should make up for my lack of skills.

After some back and forth, the design takes shape:

ROLLMKE-FoodTruckWrap_Final (1)

Thanks to Clara Meinen, Creative Director/Owner of One Sweet Design

Truck goes to wrap on 5/5.  More to follow…


Wrap is coming along.  Thanks to Chris and the crew at Insight Sign Company



Finished truck! After some mechanical delays we were able to open 5/24. Hope to see you out there soon!

photo (4)photo (5)